Art Basel 2017

March 29, 2017

Highlight Video: Art Basel 2017

Art Basel celebrates a triumphant fifth edition in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, this year edition features 242 premier galleries from 34 countries, presenting contemporary and Modern art from around the world with 29 new galleries and half of the galleries showing overall exhibition spaces in Asia Pacific region.

During the five show days, private collectors as well as directors, curators, trustees and patrons from more than 78 leading international museums and institutions across 18 countries attended the show with strong sales recorded across all levels of the market, demonstrating continued demand for high-quality works by the world’s leading international collectors and institutions.

UBS, Lead Partner of Art Basel continue to build a long substantial record of engagement in contemporary art and holds one of the world’s most distinguished corporate art collections.

The shows not only stands as the premier fair in Asia, but also as one of the leading fairs worldwide with numerous gallery openings and an expanded program of parallel events, the Art Basel week continued to spotlight Hong Kong’s vibrant arts and cultural scene with attendance rose to nearly 80,000 ticket sales, measures and improved crowd control, attracted leading members of the international art world.

Galleries who participated in the show spoke highly of their experience and success at this year’s show.

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Written by Luxuria Lifestyle Hong Kong & Macau

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